Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vow to be a Better Blogger

I'm really going to try!  Promise!

This summer went by so fast, between working and traveling, there wasn't much time for blogging.  I flew 21,197 miles on 37 flights and stopped in 17 airports.  Small recap of the summer:

I tried a crab cake in Baltimore.  Turns out, I'm not a fan.

Loved Denver!  It was so pretty!  We didn't really get to stay for very long, so I definitely need to go back!

Vernal, Utah to visit Melindy, Robert, and my favorite dinosaur in the whole wide world.

Boston!  Can't get enough!  We couldn't get tickets to the Red Sox game, but we were going to watch it from The Bleacher Bar, it's seriously under the stadium, but the other intern Taylor is only 20 and they wouldn't let us in.  Sad day.

San Francisco!  Full of crazy stories, but was seriously the most spontaneous trip ever.  When we left Dallas, we thought we were headed to Chicago.  Huge.Change.In.Plans.

I went to San Diego too, but I forgot to take pictures.

The rest of my life has been really random.

1.  I learned it is definitely not a good idea to skip the coffee in the mornings.

2.  I had a gross little lizard that decided to come into my apartment.  I chased him around for at least an hour.  I didn't want to hurt the poor little guy because, he really was just a baby.  I just wanted to open my door and run him out.  I was trying to scare him out the door by throwing flip-flops at him, but turns out, my aim's better than I thought because I hit him twice and killed him.  Ooops.

3.  I'm such an old lady now...I fall asleep at like 6 o'clock every night.  I just can't help it.  So I've started doing puzzles to keep myself awake.

4.  I want some new Sea-Monkeys.  This time I'm going to take such good care of them!  I will not spill them or assist in their untimely deaths in any way.  And I will buy them diamond surf-boards and everything else they've ever wanted.

5.  I am now certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED.  I'm not going to lie, even doing CPR on those half-bodied, plastic people made me a little light headed.

6.  I had my moments of Southwest Airlines fame.  A few of us were featured on a podcast on SWA's Red Belly Radio to talk about our internship experience.  I hate the sound of my own voice.  We also did a small commercial on SWA's internal TV show, The WNdow Seat, to promote the Independence Day Gate Decorating Contest.

7.  I've been looking for a job and have had little success.  I will for sure be working at Southwest until the end of October, but if I don't get a fulltime position by then, I think I'm coming home.  Who knows what the next two months will bring, maybe it'll be just like The Office and I will be the temp that takes over the company.  Wouldn't that be something.

8.  After Bible study, a big group of us went to Taco Cabana and people were talking about horses and doing horse tricks and other horsey things like that.  So I asked if anyone had ever seen Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, because seriously,even before she was blind, Senora could do the most amazing horse trick ever, and then when she learned how to do it blind, it was just that much more amazing.  Not a single person in the group of probably 15 people had even heard of it and they all thought I was making it up.  These people need some serious classic movie education time!

9.  I am probably going to start blogging about funny things hear every day.  That't the plan anyways.  I always have lots of plans that never actually turn into anything.  If I would have made my vow to be a better blogger a week ago, I could have already had a funny quote.  I was talking to Dana on the phone as I was trying to get that little lizard out my door and she goes, "Just kill it like you'd kill a cat."  Silence.  Blank stare.  ??.  "Just drop-kick it."  Hahaha.  Turns out, that he was already dead and I just didn't know.  I thought he was faking.

10.  This guy I work with was driving a group of us to lunch one day.  We get in his car, and what does he have sitting on his front seat?  An old Dallas Morning News with a headline that said something like "Local Nightclub Owner Kills Oswald!"  He found it in his grandparent's recycling bin!  How crazy is that?!?!!


  1. Super fun summer!! Too bad SWA doesn't fly to Alaska (yet)!

  2. Glad you have re-entered the blogging world so that I can hear from you - sad that you aren't coming home yet - glad that you had so much fun this summer - sad that we didn't get to go to CA together!! love you and miss you

  3. Miss you Callie, we had a good summer!!